pepper pot

honestly today is pepper pot day. i dont even know what that means. i cant get to the website which guides me along this journey…i think their domain died.

i can only see it cause its saved in the website screen in my phone and i am two days away from ending this crap. i am just saying that….its really been the only thing getting me through this year. glad ya’ll are reading along. i miss you. let’s hang out.

regardless…even if i may fuck it up and NOT do it…like today. fuck off pepper pot. i still wanna know what i am missing out on….

anyway…i went out for sushi with the baer tonight and had too much beer. then had a cocktail i didnt need. and now i am drinking wine i could do without. but its been such a GREAT day.

i am gonna celebrate it. with tons of booze and snuggly dogs and probably a movie or two.

yup. this is almost over.

good night.



over already

cant this just fucking be over already. 2010 has been the longest most annoying and ridiculous year of my life and i am NOT FUCKING KIDDING. i cannot wait to close the door on this fuck shit damn ass ness.

in the meantime it seems to be ending on a high note….i suppose for me. i am feeling pretty sassy and fun. being TOLD i am really sassy and fun which is nice too.

this blog will be interesting to go back and read to see where i have been this year. i am thankful for all of it. the people and the memories will be here whenever i wanna remember. so will the fuck ups. i do them a ton and oh well….its my blog they are my fuck ups and i own that.

love me or leave me this is what it is.

im drinking wine. i am watching football and snuggling with dogs. the giant box of see’s candy i had at vicki’s i brought to work with me today. its in the office and because i have been eating it for days i didnt eat one. instead i made cupcakes. its national chocolate candy day and i am CHOOSING to ignore it and just go with the cupcakes. im in the best kitchen for baking ever and i have eggs that need to be used TODAY and even that is kinda pushing it.

they are real real good too.

chocolate cupcakes with cocnut buttercream frosting. yeah. i said coconut

i just had to throw this in cause its just so CUTE! dont you wanna kiss her? i do. i do a lot. i kiss her so much when she is being this cute its a wonder she gets any sleep at all. at ALL!

fucking perfect.

it just figures. everything is perfect. couldnt have planned it any better if i tried. but of course i didnt try. i didnt even plan it. and that sucks.

ho hum

my timing sucks. donkey balls.



Its national candy cane day.
I hope everyone has been having the best xmas ever. I know I have.

from ruth’s BB

merry christmas eve

today is cole’s 8th birthday. we celebrated him and since its national egg nog day and cole loves egg nog as much as me. i thought this might be nice.

i have the best friends and know the coolest people in the world.

i realize that i fuck up

so i am sorry to the blog fuck ups. those of you that know me in real life i am POSITIVE will hear all about what has been happening the last few days. i have no idea what food was suppose to be eaten today. i honestly dont care.

the puppies that i picked up the other day BOTH went home. turns out paco was in town visiting with his mama and staying at pablito’s house. the kids left the door open. they owners were VERY excited when they picked them up. the shelter lady i talked to actually answered when i called AND was there when the dogs were picked up. she said they were crying and very thankful. they kept calling me THEIR christmas gift.

that felt good.

anyway….i am kinda busy right now. its pfeffernuesse day. and though i love them i did not eat them and i am no going to. if i leave here tonight it will be for something far more important.

this is so fucked. i love it

20 minutes late

today is hamburger day but much more than that it was rescue paco and pablito day.

i had to drop of the doxies to their trainer for this week as i am already booked for another client in pasadena. the trainer and i had made an arrangement to meet at noon and of course…she was late. i hate people who are late. its so disrespectful and annoying i hate it. so i was getting pissy but since i have the doxies with me i was alright.

when she took the dogs she did not take their blanket or their leashes. i also forgot to give her the trainging treats in the front seat. but now worries i will see the dogs again in a few days and all will be returned.

as i made my way to burbank to the club i was driving down a very busy street in a residential neighborhood and the traffic in front of my was annoying until i noticed…running leashless down the street and running back and forth across the street were two little dogs. one chihuahua and another sort of floppy fur doggie. there was a car in front of my pulled off to the side and a guy had gotten out to try to chase the dogs. i pulled to the side and thought, i have treats! i can help!

by the time i made this decision i knew it was a good one cause the guy looked at me flailing his arms and screaming…he’s under your car! he’s under your car! sure enough as i got out of the car little paco (thats what i call him) was totally in the middle up under my car. cowering and shaking in serious fear. he did not care about my treats. he just wanted to stay very far out of my reach. by this time…there was another woman who had pulled over on the other side of the street and came over with a bag of cheetos. turns out…this woman is a friend of mine that i havent seen in 2 years! no shit!

the bigger dog was easy. though when i went to try to pick him up, pablito i call this one, growled at me. so as to not get bit i throw the big doggie blanket left in my car over the dog and just lifted him in the back seat. then as donita laid on the ground on one side of my car and threw the leash at paco to get him to move toward me…i laid on the other side in a puddle trying to grab him. mind you…there are cars weaving around both donita and i and watching what we are doing. no one honked in anger however. not one angry blast! i was impressed.

FINALLY she threw the leash and paco came close and i had to grab him by the leg but i got him. i scooped him up and kissed him and hugged him and then put him in the back seat with pablito.

eventually i got to the right animal shelter to turn them in and it was PACKED. everyone is apparently adopting dogs for christmas this year and this is something i totally dig. however, there was a family there that had carried in their dead puppy. they were crying and sobbing and speaking in spanish so i didnt catch it all but…he had been hit by a car and the kids saw it happen. i couldnt help it. i started to cry myself. it was terrible.

thankfully though the staff at the shelter was very excited to find that both paco and pablito had chips in them they took my name and told me that as long as the owners had kept their info current on the chip that they should be home before christmas. this made me happy.

so it turns out that the 20 minutes late that i was so angry about today ended up being exactly where i needed to be at exactly the right time with all the tools i needed to help out some of our furry friends.

i still dont like being held up due to someones lateness….but today i am able to see the bigger picture.

lil paco and pablito

paco was so sad and small in the back seat i moved him into the front on the blankie so i could pet him while i drove. poor little baby was so shaky